Will We See Doctor Strange in Spider-Man Far F…

Will We See Doctor Strange in Spider-Man Far From Home?:

Peter: You just announced Spider-Man: Far From Home, the title.

Kevin: I didn’t.

Peter: Or you didn’t.  The master spoiler himself did.

Kevin: Yeah.  It’s a fun gag that’s half fun and half real.

Peter: I’ve heard.

Kevin: With him and Ruffalo.

Peter: Yeah.

Kevin: Like ha-ha-ha, what did you do?

Peter: I was wondering since this is gonna take place mostly in London or you’ve insinuated that large–

Kevin: Shooting in London.

Peter: But there are scenes in London.

Kevin: Yes.

Peter: And you’ve also said in the past that the plan for these Spider-Man movies is to kind of have another Marvel cameo in each one kind of like you did with Tony Stark.

Kevin: I did?

Peter: Ha, I thought you did in some older interview.

Kevin: It’s in the MCU so yeah.

Peter: I’m wondering ’cause London there is a sanctum there.  Is Doctor Strange gonna be the one in this one?

Kevin: No.

Peter: No?

Kevin: I could be coy about it but no.

Peter: (shocked that he gave a direct response) Okay.

Kevin: I don’t wanna get people excited. But Benedict and Holland have liked the idea of working together.