Category: daily bugle EXCLUSIVE Coney Island re-opened years after devastating crash

Coney Island re-opened its historic gates today, years after a devastating attack by Spider-Man forced the park and adjacent beach to close to the public. This resilient Brooklyn neighborhood has put on a brave face after the onslaught brought on them by the webbed menace, where a plane crashed into their family amusement park one lonely night.

While local officials refused to name Spider-Man directly in their complaint – preferring to blame the working-class man, Adrian Toomes – we at the Bugle believe that this is only due to fear of payback by a vindictive, dangerous Spider-Man.

We tried to warn every one of his true colors, even before our big reveal last week, and in case you live under a rock, you can read all about the unmasking HERE. It’s ok, you gave him the benefit of the doubt with his whole red and blue outfit, but we hope now you will listen. We also hope all Bugle readers will join us in supporting Coney Island’s big re-opening and telling Spider-Man what we all should’ve told him a long time ago: